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Skin lightening – the phrase that only the second word is enough to know what you are talking about. It’s no exaggeration that from the second half of 2012 until now, this phrase has always been a hot topic on any website, forum or even just a cackle talk of women.

The Asians always say that the most shape, second skin, the third was face” to talk about the standard of female beauty. Having a lightening skin will help you stay young, diversify your style in colorful outfits without worrying about your skin, and do not lose your makeup every day and still keep confident with the inherent beauty.

Hence, possessing a white and smooth skin is the desire of many people. In order to change their image, many women have applied skin lightening surgery to achieve the desired skin. Whether to apply the surgery should be good or not and does it cause any side effects? Let’s find out about it!

  1. What is skin lightening surgery?

Skin lightening surgery is actually a direct form of spreading to whitening agents through intravenous that help regenerate new cells, rejuvenate the skin, boost metabolism between cells, hep sin white, smooth and bright. Direct intravenous fluid delivery also has the effect of locking melanin under the skin, preventing the production of new melanin, giving it a healthy glow from the inside.

Before proceeding with skin lightening surgery, you will be examined specialist to determine if your natural disposition is suitable for method. If appropriate, it will be done, inappropriate, we will refuse to do this service for guests. Because of proper dosage and administration of the medication, there are no side effects or health risks during and after the service.

Whitening is a direct method of bringing vitamins, minerals, nutrients and glutathione into the body. This is to inhibit and suppress the production of melanin. At that, the skin becomes darker black and becomes white. Glutathione is an endogenous substance available in the body so having side effects or allergic reactions to the body is not possible.

Glutathione is currently the strongest and best antioxidant available today, and supplementation is absolutely necessary to combat aging and help whitening. There is also the ability to detoxify the body and many other uses. If your body is getting the right amount of glutathione and vitamins then you will be whitening safely from within the body.

Because medication when entering the body need time to absorb and metabolize, so usually after 2-3 weeks your skin will begin to improve depending on black or white skin, mild or severe skin aging that the useful also varies differently.

For ages 18-28, the functions of liver, kidney also works well, metabolic rate of absorption and excretion of melanin is good so the results will be fast.

For ages 30 and older, the body is gradually aging, including liver and kidney functions, so the metabolism, absorption and melanin clearance will result in slowing.

  1.  Proper care for the skin after surgery

After surgery, you need sunscreen well, at least 4 weeks after treatment. Whether skin is treated or not, the sun protection, moisturizing the skin is essential.

Do not use cosmetics containing steroids to reduce redness.

Moisturize with a gentle and mild product.

The diet needs enough nutrients, plenty of water to keep the skin beautiful for a long time.

Supplement enough vitamins and minerals:

  • These are often found in many fruits and vegetables, and it is best to use fresh fruits and vegetables. You should pay attention to food hygiene and safety. Because vegetables are very easy to be poisoned by the production and storage.
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant, helps to heal the incision, increases the resistance, reduces the possibility of wound infection… There are many in vegetables such as celery, celery, strawberries, spinach, oranges.
  • Vitamin A promotes the formation of tissue to heal wounds, so eat a lot of beta carotene red (the body will turn into vitamin A): tomatoes, spinach, papaya, …

Eat enough sugar, fiber and drink plenty of water:

  • Sugar is a source of energy for the body, should eat in the form of processed cereal such as rice, porridge, tea, bread … Do not eat refined sugar.
  • Fiber is important in digestion. Because sometimes your lazy movement will lead to constipation. Provide them by eating lots of green vegetables, or bulbs.
  • Drinking enough water is also important (> 2 liters / day), which will help the body quickly eliminate bad substances such as anesthetics, anesthesia … or degenerative products in the process of digestion and muscle activity, that helps to keep your body clean, especially when your skin is not dry due to lack of water.
  1. The risks and controversial issues

However, any success has its downside, cosmetic medicine is no exception. The first is a matter of safety. All artificial products have their shelf life, so if they are not eliminated by the body, these products will also be degraded over time. Then, you have to take alternatives, to limit the harm to the body. In addition, the bearing capacity of these products is also relatively poor.

  1. Should or not apply skin lightening surgery?

Experts emphasize that skin color mainly due to genetic factors, should not expect to change the skin color from dark brown to light white. We can only make our skin healthier and brighter if we know how to preserve and care properly.

Can follow the steps are as follows: full vitamin intake, drink plenty of water, eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits, limit the sweet and fat.

Have appropriate rest and relaxation, avoid stress, not awake too late.

Protect skin from sun exposure with a jacket, mask, sunglasses, sunscreen, especially from 9h to 16h.

Use a number of products, cosmetics suitable for skin consulted by dermatologists.

Otherwise, you can find more information about red light therapy for skin here.


What is skin lightening surgery
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