In this article, you are going to learn more about kiwi fruit and top amazing health benefits of kiwi.


There are many types of kiwi, but normally, it is known as a fruit with the brown, hairy skin, green flesh and tiny black seeds inside.



To dig deeper into the origin of kiwi, it is necessary to trace back to China, where it was commonly called Yang Tao. During early years of the last century, missionaries carried this fruit to New Zealand and a few decades later, there was the first commercial plantings. In 1960, people started to call it Chinese Gooseberries and only one year after, it first appeared in the United States. An Amercian product distributor quickly sensed the potential of this fruit and she made great contributions to importing this fruit into America. Due to burgeoning demand, the name of this fruit had to be changed and turned into “kiwifruit”, which came from the name of New Zealand’s native bird, the kiwi. In this day and age, kiwifruit becomes most popular in Italy, New Zealand, Japan, the United States and France.

Nutritional Facts

With impressive nutritional value and its high content of essential minerals and vitamins, kiwifruit is strongly recommended to be consumed regularly to improve the health in general. Let’s examine 100 grams of kiwi as a typical example. With 83 percent being water, it provides us with 61 calories per 100 grams. The amount of protein, carbs, fiber and sugar is 1.1, 14.7, 3 and 0.5g, respectively. It also contains 0.04g of omega-3 and 0.25g of omega-6.


Besides, kiwifruit is also considered as an abundant source of minerals and vitamins. In terms of vitamin C, kiwifruit even exceeds other popular fruits, say, lemons or oranges. It also contains vitamin B9, K1, E, potassium, and copper.

Health Benefits of Kiwi

Despite its small size, a kiwi proves to be super beneficial for our health thanks to its nutritional richness. There are a lot of benefits you can gain from consuming kiwi on a daily basis. Here are top 5 health benefits of kiwi that you should remember.

1. Protein Digestion

The positive effect of kiwi fruit on our digestive system comes mainly from the presence of actinidin. The mission of this compound is to break down protein, therefore, to effectively tenderize meat.

Protein Digestion - Top Health Benefits of Kiwi

According to some researches on animals, actinindin is proved to have great impacts on the digestion of protein in the gut. Thus, the consumption of kiwi is believed to help those who suffer from impaired protein digestion overcome their problem. In addition, kiwi can reduce the discomfort that migh result from high-protein meals.

2. Against Asthma

Another among top health benefits of kiwi is to protect you against asthma and related problems. Thanks to the abundancy of vitamin C, kiwi fruit can have significant effects on respiratory systems and reduce the risk of asthma or wheezing.

Against Asthma - Top Health Benefits of Kiwi

In order to prove this health benefit of kiwi, Thorax used to carry out a study with 18,000 six-to-seven-year-old children in Italy. When served kiwi fruit 5-7 times on a weekly basis, these children were 44 percent less likely to experience wheezing. The risk of chronic cough reduces to 25 percent and that of breath shortness is 32 percent.

3. Heart Health

One of the leading causes for premature death in the world is related to the heart, or cardiovascular. Therefore, it is important to prevent them in advance, especially with natural foods only. Experts recommend that you consume kiwi on a daily basis in order to avoid blood clots signficantly and lower the level of fats (triglycerides) in the blood, which are common catalysts for heart diseases.

Heart Health - Top Health Benefits of Kiwi

Kiwi can bring as great effects as aspirin in reducing blood clots, but it does not trigger any unwanted impacts, for example, inflammed intestinal tract. In addition, other beneficial nutrients from a kiwi, such as vitamin C and potassium, can enhance the function of your heart and blood vessels.

4. Immunity

When its comes to the richness of vitamin C, the health benefit of kiwi on our immune system cannot be forgotten. As mentioned before, a kiwi’s amount of vitamin C is even more considerable than that of a lemon or orange; therefore, it is super beneficial for our immunity.

Immunity - Top Health Benefits of Kiwi

Furthermore, vitamin C serves as the primary water-soluble antioxidant, which plays an important role in the neutralization of free radicals in our body. This process will contribute to protecting you against cancer and inflammation.

5. Macular Degeneration and Eye Problems

Macular degeneration is commonly seen in older people and without proper treatment, it might lead to vision loss. One of the most significant health benefits of kiwi is to prevent this problem and other eye-related ones. Thanks to its high content of zeaxanthin and lutein that are present in our eyes as well, kiwi can improve the eye health significantly.

Macular Degeneration - Top Health Benefits of Kiwi

The efficiency of kiwi was proved by a study on more than 110,000 male and female adults. When they consumed kiwi more than three times every day, the risk of macular degeneration reduced by 36 percent.

Side Effects

Nevertheless, the dark sides of kiwi need to be known so that you can adopt a suitable and reasonable plan of consuming this fruit as well.

The sad fact is that not everyone can enjoy this wonderful fruit because there is a possibility of allergies to kiwi fruit. As a result, these groups will suffer from stomach ache or itchiness in the mouth if they consume kiwi. Some allergic reactions may be very severe, which are commonly seen in children.

Besides, diarrhea is another common side effect of kiwi because its natural laxative quality might be quite sensitive and if people consume it too much, they will undergo diarrhea.

Overall, kiwi is such a wonderful gift from the nature that it should be brought to daily meals. In the long term, it will help you stay away from a variety of health problems in a totally natural and safe way.

Top Health Benefits of Kiwi
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