Sleep is very important for health. It not only helps relieve fatigue from day-to-day activities but also plays a role in restoring energy, synthesizing and providing the body with essential nutrients to ensure its activity in the following days.

There are many misconceptions that lead to a decrease in the quality of sleep, resulting in many different diseases about bone, physical development, especially to newborn baby and children under the age of 2.

One of the most severe mistakes people make is sleeping with a pillow.

This article will clarify this matter and help you with the right orientation about the uses and the steps of sleeping a without pillow.

  1. Overview of sleeping without a pillow

Usually, the pillow is placed in the head and neck position, but depending on the position of sleeping, the pillow can be used to place in various positions to create the most comfortable sleep. Although a pillow can support the head and neck and become an indispensable item for each of us. But recently, scientists have confirmed that sleeping without pillow is a good way to prevent wrinkles, good for the spine and reduce neck pain.

The truth is that if you sleep with a thin pillow, or preferably without a pillow, your back will be straightened and your joints will not be suppressed so it will expand very quickly.

When you sleep with a pillow, your neck will bend forward more than usual and your back will also bend. We think you never let your people bend like that when you stand, as it will make you feel uncomfortable and steal away a part of your precious height. So why are you sleeping in that position? If some of you have back pain or neck pain often, sleeping with pillows is one of the reasons. Gradually, your back and neck will gradually bend so even though you stand. After a long time, your spine will be permanently bent (hunched). And when your back is bent, the back muscles will weaken because of lack of activity. When you have humpbacked you may lose 1 to 4 cm.

We rest as you have also seen what we want to emphasize: Sleeping with a pillow is very harmful, in addition to backache, it also causes disabilities to your body and physique.

In general, people are advised sleeping without a pillow.

  1. The uses of sleeping without a pillow

Good for the spine:

If you are facing spinal pain, do not use the pillow when sleeping. This helps the spine to be shaped in its natural location. Sleeping with a thick pillow can easily lead to back pain.

Good for the neck:

The main cause of severe pain in the shoulder and back is a pillow. Therefore, sleeping without a pillow helps to better circulation of blood in the neck, thus preventing neck pain.

Good for facial skin:

During sleep at night, we often have the habit of turning left, turning right or face down on the pillow. This is the cause of wrinkles appear.

Therefore, to prevent the process of forming facial wrinkles, it is best to sleep without pillows.

Good for sleep:

Health experts say unresponsive knee surgery will affect sleep quality. However, if you do not need a pillow, you will feel more comfortable, thereby significantly improving sleep quality.

Increase the height:

Most Vietnamese people when sleeping often cushion with high head, even many people use pillow to create a hard and high pillow. This is a bad habit when sleeping accidentally making our height impossible to grow.

The use of sleeping pillow also affects the neck bone, causing them to bend forward more and even it also causes the back of your bend to cause the common humpback. This will invisibly reduce your height from 1 to 4 inches in everyone’s eyes when you can not stand up straight, affecting the health of the back ache and reducing the maximal development of skeletal muscle in the period of mature.

Starting with sleeping with no pillow, but at the very least, be patient for at least a week. You’ll feel like you have a deeper and better sleep, when you wake up. Feeling very well and your back will be gradually bent back, the joints will continue to grow to increase height faster.

Help children grow better and avoid the different diseases such as bones, allergy:

There is a common question is “should the children sleep with a pillow”. Because most sisters believe that the pillow is so easy for new adults to sleep in and so are children, without pillows it is difficult to sleep. However, this concept in science is completely wrong.

Children under the age of 2 should not sleep with their pillows. Instead, you should place their head with a soft towel about 1mm or place them on a soft mattress so they can have deep sleep. That’s the advice that health care professionals send to parents.

According to experts, children under 2 years old, the baby’s head bones are still very soft so it is easy to deform such as shapeless headaches, distorted bones when the baby sleeps too long with pillow in a certain posture.

Because the backbone of the newborn is straight, that is, the head and back should be straight, so that when sleeping with pillow, the neck will be twisted, the spine will change shape, affect the development of the spine and the risk of spinal defects in children is very high.

More dangerous, at this stage the neck and cartilage is very soft so the baby is not able to lift the neck himself, so when the baby’s head is unreasonable, his neck will be folded and the throat will be blocked. It is easy for choking, leading to suffocation.

Besides, there are many types of pillows available for children in the market today with a wide range of types, materials, colors and designs. However, if the mothers choose not carefully it is easy to affect the skin of the child. Everyone knows that children’s skin is very sensitive, if carelessly, baby can be allergic, rash when exposed to shell material or insecure pillows. Mother should not choose pillows with too many colors, as often these are dyed with chemical colors are not good for young children.

  1. The steps of sleeping without a pillow

To newborn baby:

Normally, newborn babies sleep without a pillow instead of using a folded towel. The backbone of the child is still straight (only when the child is standing and walking, the spine is curved), when lying on the back, his back and neck are on a flat surface so do not need pillows. Moreover, the child’s head is equal to the width of the shoulders, so even when the child lies on his side, he does not need a pillow.

How to do:

  • When newborn babies are still standing posture from the fetus means that the limbs shrink. Newborn babies in the first 24 hours should lie in the right side and head down, with a small towel underneath the neck.
  • After 1-2 hours, the position should be changed to lie on the other side.

Otherwise, the baby’s head may be deformed due to lying on one side at a time because at birth, the skull of the baby is not completely connected.

  • However, if the baby is well fed, then blankets should be laid to the right to prevent vomiting.

To adult:

People who are used to sleeping with pillow should not change immediately because the sudden change will cause sleep disorders.

  • You should use a large cotton towel, folded in layers with the same height as your sleeping pillow.
  • Then lower down a few days a layer, until you do not need pillows anymore you can still sleep well.


The uses and the steps of sleeping without a pillow
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