Paediatric ENT Specialist and Paediatric Cardiologist

NT specialist is dedicated to the study of ear, nose and throat. They diagnose and treat all sorts of diseases of ear, nose and throat. Now let’s see who is paediatric ENT?

Who are paediatric ENT specialists?

ENT specialist those do expertise upon children rather adults are known as paediatric ENT specialist. The anatomy and physiology of children are much different than the adults. The body parts of children are not fully developed like grown-ups. Their reactions to medications and treatments are also different than adults. That’s why, paediatric ENT specialists are needed to solve children ailments.

For the same ailment in both adults and children the dosage will be different. Type of anaesthesia given to both age groups will be completely different. If same dosage and anaesthesia is given to both then the younger one’s life may be put to risk and complications. Thus, the doctors should know the difference between adult and child’s care. Paediatric ENT specialist is needed as working on adults and children consecutively is not easy and not recommended. There are many children’s ENT specialists in various locations of India.

Paediatric ENT specialist in Navi Mumbai

There are many famous paediatric ENT specialists easily available in Navi Mumbai. These specialists are specialized in children’s ENT problems and treatments. Some of the benefits which you can derive from their services are as follows

Specialized treatment modules- they have specialized clinical centres, which are specialized in the treatment of the eyes, ears, nose, neck and the head. Most of them have a multi-disciplinary team approach which means that the children can go on to receive the best in terms of treatment in the specialized clinics.

Family centred approach- In this module an environment is being created which resembles to your own home as far as possible. By this mechanism, the entire hospitalization becomes a hassle-free operation to be honest.

Who are paediatric cardiologists?

Paediatric cardiologist treats heart problems of children. They suspects & evaluate the problem such as, heart murmurs, chest pain, dizzy spell or palpitations. They broadly treat congenital heart disease, arrhythmias, i.e. variations in heartbeat rhythm and any other disturbances of circulatory function. They are so well trained that they can perform and interpret procedures and exercise tests. The procedures which are performed by the paediatric cardiologists are electrocardiograms and echocardiograms. In case of more significant heart disease a cardiac catheterization is performed. Through this proper diagnosis and treatment is done of children’s heart problem. In all cases, paediatric cardiologist is needed from initial assessment to surgery. Paediatric cardiologists also involve in teaching of medical students, doctors, GPs, nurses and paramedical staffs.

The conditions paediatric cardiologists treat

  1. Children having heart murmurs, chest pain, palpitations or faint problem
  2. Paediatric cardiac transplantation
  3. Cardiac failure in infants and children
  4. Having foetal cardiac abnormalities
  5. Cyanosis in the new born and children.

Some procedures which paediatric cardiologists include in their treatment are-

  • Chest X–ray
  • Ultrasound scans of heart
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic catheterisation
  • Transposition of arteries
  • CT/ MRI
  • Balloon atrial septostomy
  • ECG (electrocardiogram)

Paediatric cardiologists in Navi Mumbai

Various paediatric cardiologists are practicing in Navi Mumbai and easily available in clinics, hospitals and private chambers. Thus, parents are relieved with their children’s ailments having these paediatric cardiologists.

Paediatric ENT Specialist and Paediatric Cardiologist
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