Da Nang is always a beautiful and active city, which attracts many tourists from many different places in the world. Besides, Da Nang also has the special bridges, especially Han river bridge is a symbol bridge of Da Nang. All people come to Da Nang, they want to visit this bridge and watch fantastic views of this city. It is very interesting if you come here, watch the Han River Bridge and join in the adventurous sporty activities here.

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1. The interesting experiences when rowing Kayak on the romantic Han river.

This is an exciting experience for you to join in rowing kayak and watch the fantastic landscapes and some sparkling bridges such as Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge two banks of the River. Han river is an ideal destination for the couple to have the romantic experiences when rowing Kayak.  

You don’t need to worry anything when rowing kayak here because there are many stores for you to choose comfortably and rend the kayaks or boats. You will have the interesting and memorable experiences when joining in this activity with your friends and families.

If you want to watch this city when lighting up, you can join in this at night when the weather is cool.

2. Being interested in the game of canoe pulling at buoy on Han river

If you love playing the adventurous games, this will be your ideal choice. This doesn’t require you are a fan of thrills, risk aversion, this is the ideal choice. It does not require much skill, you only need to have good speed and traction to be balanced on the kayak. You will totally safe because of life-jacket. At the first time, you will be scared a little but if you practice this game won’t be very hard. Even you can reach the speed of 50 to 80 km/h. You will have the memorable experience with your parents and friends.  

3. Surfing on Han River

You needn’t come to beach to play this game. On Han river you can discover this game with your friends. It is so great if you play this game in a group. This is also a sporty game, which is loved by many tourists. At the same time, you can also watch the amazing sight-seeing when rowing kayaks.

4. Canoe pulling at parachute in the rivers

This is a hard challenge which you should play carefully and prepare much before playing. I you are a brave people, you will be very easy for you to join in. This is also an ideal and great time for you to relax and have the new experience with this game.

Quang Da Travel Wish you will have the meaningful and happy trips!!


Interesting sporty activites on the Han River of Da Nang
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