Having larger breasts is something that most women of all ages desire today. It has actually been inculcated into what is deemed fashionable. Most women will attribute larger breast size to improved self-confidence and self-esteem. There is a large variety of breast enhancement products and services being offered in the market today for those who desire larger breasts. Some of these products are considered effective, however not all them are safe. The use of natural methods is therefore recommended by medical experts. Natural ways to increase breast size carry no side effects. There are a number of ways that are better alternatives to increase breast size:

  • Breast Enlargement Options
  • Breast Surgical Enhancement
  • Exercise
  • Food & life style
  • Natural Supplement Cream & Pills

1. Breast Surgical Enhancement

Breast augmentation is a procedure that involves the use of breast implants or in some cases fat to increase the size of your breasts. It is also referred to as augmentation mammoplasty. The procedure usually involves creating some space behind the normal breast tissue. A silicone gel implant is then put in the space to increase the size of the breasts. This procedure usually carried out by qualified cosmetic surgeons. The choice to consider breast augmentation will be guided by the following factors:

The desire for a better proportioned figure

Restoring symmetry when one of your breasts is smaller in size

When the shape and size of your breasts has been affected by aging, weight loss or pregnancy

Breast Enlargement Options

Breast augmentation involves silicone, saline or fat transfers. Saline implants are silicone shells filled with sterile salt water. Silicone implants are silicone shells filled with a plastic silicone gel  how to increase breast size naturally at breasthow.com.

This procedure when carried out with saline filled implants, involves less invasive surgical procedures. This is because; an empty implant device is inserted through a smaller incision. The empty implant device is the filled with saline solution. The resulting scars are therefore shorter and smaller. Silicone implants however produce more realistic results and are superior to saline filled implants. The latest (fifth generation) silicone implants are semi solid eliminating the risk of leakage.

In this procedure, a temporary breast implant device may be used to shape and enlarge the recipient space before the real silicone or saline implants are put in. Fat transfers use grafts of adipocyte fat tissue from your body to increase breast size or correct contour defects. In most cases with this particular procedure, the increase in size is usually average. A post-surgery scar is left behind but reduces within two months if proper care is taken. Pain killers are usually administered for the pain. Complete and perfect headlining takes 3-4 months, but you will be able to go back to your normal day to day activities four days after the procedure. breast augmentation procedure is costly and require to taken only by highly specialized surgeon, there are some risk associated with surgery so we recommend to use breast surgery as the last option.

2. Exercise

Exercises that are recommended for breast size increase work on your pectoral muscles which lie beneath your breasts. The breasts are made up of adipose tissue and have no muscles. Therefore with regular exercise, these muscles become firmer and hence perkier and firmer breasts. Exercise is perfect for women with sagging breasts. Exercise can also be used in combination with breast supplements to ensure proper breast size enhancement. Some of the exercises that enhance your breast size include.

Flys- You will need dumbbells to do this exercise. With a dumbbell in each hand, lay down on an exercise bench. Stretch out your arms such that they are parallel to the ground and at the same level with your shoulders. Lift the dumbbells slowly over you until they touch. Lower your arms back to the starting position. Make sure to keep your arms straight at all times.

Wall-ups-they are similar to push ups, the only difference is that you push against a wall instead of the floor. Stand two feet from the wall and place your palms on the wall and bend your arms. There should be a gap between your feet that is the same as your shoulder width. Lean forward until your nose touches the wall, hold for a few seconds then go back to the starting position and repeat.

Chest dips-Grab on to bars and pull your body up for about 20- 30 repeats every day. Always position your body outwards to give your chest the most attention.

Rotation push-ups- these are ideally the same as regular pushups. Your arms should ideally be shoulder width apart and you have to be on your toes and palms and your body straight. Lower your body by bending your arms, than straighten them to raise your body back up. Raise your right arm then rotate your chest to the right. Do the same to work on your left breast.

Elevated push-ups-they are more effective as they take more effort. This technique makes use of steps or a raised bench to place your feet on. Your palms are on the ground but your toes are raised.

How To Increase Breast Size Naturally
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