Let image about one day; some redness, swelling, itchy feeling appear around your mouth or your eyes. They make you feel very discomfort. You do not know what it is, immediately, you search on the internet and find out the word “Kissing bugs bite.” What will you do to solve this problem? That’s why we write this article with main content “how to get rid of kissing bugs”?

What is the kissing bugs?

Remind to kissing bugs, people think about “kiss,” but it is not true. Kissing bugs always bite. Kissing bugs also call by blood-feeding insects name. It’s long almost 2cm. Kissing bugs feed on both of people and animals. Kissing bugs feed on any site of the body. However, mostly in the face, around the mouth at night when you sleep, so they call it by kissing bugs. They act in the night, and it could exist for a few weeks later without feeding. Kissing bugs bring parasite name Trypanosoma cruzi which cause Chagas disease and allergic reaction in some cases. You can find kissing bugs easy in the holes of beds, furniture, roofs, or walls. The most place where near animals are living and somewhere close to your bed.

What are the symptoms of kissing bugs?

Kissing bugs or Chagas disease include 2 phases: acute and chronic. In general, in the actuated stage, the symptoms are mild. Some typical symptoms are rash, itching, fever, flu, painful, tired, anorexia or vomiting, and diarrhea. These symptoms could disappear after a few weeks. Nevertheless, they can love dormant in their body for many years later. When the disease move on dangerous phase, it can cause severe heart diseases such as heart failure, cardiac arrest, disorders rhythm, enlarged heart, and some intestinal problem like the large esophagus and colon.


How to get rid of kissing bugs?

  1. Sleeping habits: Kissing bugs act mostly at night when you are sleeping. It is important to close all of the doors and make sure do not any holes where the kissing bugs can break into your house. You can turn on the light to limit the kissing actions. Please use mosquito net before you go to sleep and anti-bugs spray. When you go traveling, sleeping bag is a necessary tool to protect you.
  2. Pet hygiene: Pet is the victim of kissing bugs. To prevent your pet, you should consider health for your pet regularly. The pets can get severe complications, but the symptoms are not typical. Even you can not realize them until it’s dangerous. Hygiene for a pet is essential to action which reduces the risk of kissing bugs. Kissing bugs do not have the vaccination, and regularly checkup could be the best choice for your pet. On the other hand, pet hygiene also a method limit spread kissing bugs to another animals and humans.
  3. Insecticides: Kissing bugs may hide in some holes of the house where you can not see it. Using pesticide is the best method to prevent kissing bugs easy. You do not need to find kissing places in details or dark areas. Some potential sites you should use insecticides such as floor, window, roof, tables, bed; etc. Besides, you should use it for pet places and around them. However, experts encourage the use of permethrin and bifenthrin insecticides.
  4. Vacuum: Vacuuming the house is a useful and essential action to get rid of kissing bugs. Space has the strong gravitational force which can attack kissing bugs under the pillow, furniture, floors or even beds and drawers. You should arrange everything to clean quickly.
  5. Improve the immune system: Some healthy diet can remove parasite go out of the body. Although it can not treat the infection, it can help you feel relax. It is quite easy to make parasite cleansing at your home. Consume walnuts or walnuts supplements which can improve intestinal infection symptoms. Antiparasitic is the primary compounds of Oregano oils. Removing parasite out of the body is useful. Besides that, Oregano also contains antibacterial property that can protect yourself and improve the immune system. You can use Clove oil instead of Oregano oils. Also, you should add more: lemon juice, honey, garlic or fresh herb. These are natural materials which can support for immune system kill and fight bacterial and parasite.
  6. Cover your skin carefully: It is essential to protect the surface when you go outside, especially somewhere wilderness or at night. Cover surface and use bug spray to protect.

Necessary information and how to get rid of kissing bugs are showed before in this article. We hope that they are useful for you to prevention and treatment. Kissing bugs is not a common disease in Viet Nam; however, they are still necessary when you go abroad or traveling.

How To Get Rid Of Kissing Bugs
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