Imagine you have swollen lips unexpectedly and that makes you both embarrassed and feel painful. How to solve this case? That is not a difficult issue but requires certain and necessary knowledge.

Our following post will help you in that task by providing helpful information about this condition and how to get rid of a swollen lip effectively. Now, find out more in the next parts!

What are swollen lips?

Before getting into details about how to get rid of a swollen lip, we need to understand clearly about it first.

Swollen lips appear when one or both lips become fatter or abnormally enlarge beyond the usual size. It is sometimes followed by such cuts or bleeding. And this condition may hassle you and make it hard to talk, eat, drink, even kiss or open the mouth.

The lip swelling happens because of many reasons, mainly the impact of physical trauma on lips’ soft tissues. It can be caused by a severe allergic reaction as well.

How To Get Rid Of A Swollen Lip- Best Helpful Tips


The general condition of swollen lips can be mild or extreme. And it is usually accompanied by some below symptoms:

  • Inflammation, itchy or tingling feeling
  • Changes in skin color ( normally redness)
  • Chapped lips or painful blisters on lips
  • Lips’ numbness
  • Fat and tight or dry lips
  • Painful lips
  • Lips’ discharges
  • High temperature or suffering chills
  • A headache
  • Nasal congestion or a runny nose

Besides, if you experience other severe or persistent symptoms such as an allergic reaction, having difficulties in breathing, getting much distress, swollen tongue, tight throat, discoloration of fingernails, hives or rash, you must visit the physician soon for the best treatment.

How to treat swollen lips

Before making make a doctor’s appointment, if your situation is mild, you can try some easy and effective ways first.

Right now, we will present how to get rid of a swollen lip by using these following tips:

Cold Compress

This is the first and foremost good solution for treating swollen lips with the help of ice cubes. It helps to reduce the blood flowing to the affected area, relieves any pain and brings down the swelling completely.

To take advantage of this way, you need a washed cotton cloth or similar towel to cover some ice cubes and place it gently over swollen lips for 5-10 minutes, then remove it.

You can repeat this way 3-4 times every day until you feel better. Moreover, you shouldn’t put the ice directly on your lips because it can cause frostbite or mild soreness.

Tea Bag

This is another helpful solution for those with swollen lips. Its tannins together with astringent properties can help relieve the pain and swelling of your lips.

To apply, you put a black or green tea bag into lukewarm water for around 10 minutes, and then you take the tea bag out and let it cool down. After that, you gently place it over the lips for 10 more minutes.

You should do this process again several times per day to get the best results.


This is usually regarded as an effective remedy for your swollen lips. Honey has antibacterial and healing properties that can reduce pain and inflammation and protect your lips from infection.

To make use of this remedy, you need to have a fresh cotton ball dipped in an amount of the honey. Then, you apply that cotton ball over the affected area for around 20 minutes. Later, you wash off the area with cold water.

This method can be repeated two or three times per day. And remember that this way is not appropriate for those are allergic with honey.

Aloe Vera

This natural remedy is an excellent one to get rid of a swollen lip. Thanks to medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory ones, aloe vera helps reduce the burning sensation and swelling on your swollen lips effectively.

You need to extract a small amount of gel from a fresh and clean aloe vera leaf. Then, you use the gel to massage the swollen lips gently and let the gel dry out naturally.

You had better apply this way a few times each day until you get the desired results.


One more great solution for swollen lips is turmeric. With powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing compounds, turmeric assists to reduce the swelling as well as prevent infection.

You can make a mixture by combining turmeric power with one teaspoon of fuller’s earth in little cold water. Then, you apply this mixture all over the affected lips and let it dry for some minutes. Later, you wash your lips again with cool water.

You should repeat this way twice daily for the best results.


Our above post gives you the necessary information about swollen lips and how to get rid of a swollen lip. Hopefully, you will have your basic knowledge about this condition as well as the simple ways to treat it effectively after consulting this post. If you have any questions, leave them below. We will try to reply soon.

How To Get Rid Of A Swollen Lip- Best Helpful Tips
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