Are you sure that you are strong? Our body needs various substances to be growing and healthy. Most elements are synthesized by ourselves but some ones we need to supplement in some particular cases such as having diseases, especially minerals. Minerals support your body work well and fight for some health issues also.

Iron is one of the vital minerals having an essential role in blood formation process. That‘s why it also becomes one of hot sale supplement products in the market. Generally, everyone thinks all supplement products are right for their health and pay lots of money for them. They might maintain it for a long time. However, have you ever wondered ‘how long do iron supplements take to work?’ This article will help you find the answer as well as provide some information you should know about iron supplements.

Do You Know about The Role of Iron?

Iron is one of the essential components of hemoglobin, which helps transport oxygen in our body. Iron also makes our blood has the red color. Thus, lacking iron can cause anemia, in which the most common type is iron deficiency anemia [1].

Some criteria influence on anemia such as:

  • Blood loss due to an ulcer, blood cancer, injury or menstrual period
  •    Diet includes food which contains poor iron

In some cases, body requirement develops like pregnancy

To find the answer ‘how long do iron supplements take to work?’ we need to know how to know we have iron deficiency.

Below are some symptoms you should mention:

  • Tired and pale
  • Dyspnea
  • Dizziness and headache
  • Feeling cold at your hand or feet

You may have infection related to immune system problems as well [2].

Are You In High Risk of Iron Insufficiency?

If you don’t know, you should take a look to sure you’re healthy. We list some situations telling you are dangerous lack of iron [1], [2], [3]:

  • Women are in menstrual period or childbirth
  • People have poor iron in the diet, especially vegetarians
  • People are using some medicine such as aspirin, heparin
  • People have renal diseases or dialysis or blood cancer
  • People have the trouble of iron absorption

If you belong to one of the groups above you may be prescribed iron supplements. Therefore, it is important to know ‘how long do iron supplements take to work?’

How Much Should You Take Iron Supplements Every Day?

The office of dietary supplements suggests that 40 mg per day is the maximum amount of iron supplements for children up to 13 years old. With children between 13-19 years old can take iron supplements up to 45 mg each day. Adults may need from 150 to 300 mg daily. For pregnancy or childbirth women, they should discuss with the doctor first and follow the prescription.

Iron deficiency may cause some severe conditions, but if you take iron supplements inappropriately also put your body in another harmful status. For example, excessive iron can cause stomach cramps, numbness, muscle pain and backache [1].

How Long Do Iron Supplements Take To Work?

Comeback the question which everyone wants to know the answer ‘ how long do iron supplements take to work?’  Generally, the doctor will recommend you to take iron supplements daily until your hemoglobin and iron level back to normal and normal is six months. You may feel better from a week to a month after using iron supplements. Therefore, you can’t decide to stop utilize iron supplements by yourself how long do iron supplements take to work? You should discuss with your doctor to see if your condition is getting better or not [1], [2].

How Can You Take Iron Supplements?

There are some notices when taking iron supplements:

The different medicine is, the different time for how long do iron supplements take to work, so iron supplements should be considered when your stomach empty. To rising absorb rate, a glass of orange juice is a good choice. If you don’t like orange, you still have plenty of ways of choosing foods which contain vitamin c such as broccoli, grapefruit, kiwi, leafy greens, melons. In fact, the doctor may prescribe vitamin c combine with iron supplements.

In contrast, you should avoid taking calcium at the same time as iron supplements. According to a research, when eating dairy products like milk, milkshake or cheese which contain rich calcium reduced calcium absorption by 50-60% [4]. Similarly, you should avoid using caffeine, tea, tofu, phytates which are often found in bean or whole grains or polyphenol with iron supplements together. However, if those are your favorite food, you can eat them at least 2 hours after taking iron supplements [1].

In some countries, to buy supplements are controlled strictly but in someones are not. You should know that iron supplements have two types: ferric and ferrous iron. What difference between two kinds and does it has any relation with the question ‘ how long do iron supplements take to work’  ferrous iron is easy to absorb while ferric takes longer and less useful if you utilize at the same time. Therefore you should pay attention to the ingredients to avoid tricked by providers [1]. Additionally, iron supplements have various forms such as tablets, capsules, drop, etc. The structure of iron supplements also affects slightly how long do iron supplements take to work. Thus, you should choose appropriate products and discuss with your doctor better.

The last one I want to remind you about storage. An ideal place for storing is cool, dry and avoid heat or light directly. How can you put iron supplements in storage related to its still keep the quality or not, so this directly influences on ‘how long do iron supplements take to work.’ Thanks for reading. Hope this article useful for you. Let’s be a smart customer.

How Long Do Iron Supplements Take To Work?
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