Oral thrush cause due to an overproduction of a kind of yeast – The fungus Candida Albicans. Symptoms of oral thrush are identified by small, creamy white spots that appear inside the tongue and the mouth. These spots make people painful, uncomfortable, and they can bleed if it is scratched. Healthy bacteria inside your mouth can be killed off by the compromised immune system. Doctors may recommend using some medicine to treat oral thrush but many people choose natural methods and it has effective. So, we would like to share you 10 natural method at home for infants and adults.

I. Overview of Oral Thrush: Causes and Symptoms

· Cause:

–   Oral Thrush is a disease due to the overgrowth of a yeast called Candida albicans in the throat and mouth

–   Oral Thrush could be caused by many disqualification such as: dentures, smoking, medications, pregnancy or illness

–   Oral Thrush in infants is very popular and usually not detrimental

–   Oral Thrush of Symptoms includes: white patches in the tongue, palate, throat, inner cheeks. Mouth as well as mouth’s pain and soreness.

–   Risk factors cause oral thrush is stress, smoking, medication and weakened immune systems

–   Oral thrush is diagnosed by doctors with clinical examinations

–   Treatment and prevention ways of oral thrush depend on causes and the severity of each people. It can be treated by medications or home remedies

–   We can prevent thrush in most cases by trigger modification

· Symptoms:

–   Oral Thrush due to Fungi:

o   The factors cause oral thrush in infants is fungi, and commonly Candida albicans which lives in the intestines. Commonly if Candida fungi and E.coli bacteria are balanced in the gut, it will not cause any trouble for infants. But in some cases, the using antibiotics is one of reasons cause increase Candida  or children who have a weakened immune systems. It can cause many risk of tongue. When tongue due to fungi, it will appear white spots as milk color. Infants will fell painful and anorexia. You must take your baby to doctor. They will give some antibiotics to kill the fungi

–   Oral thrush due to Viruses:

o   The tongue and gums of babies will have many small ulcers. The babies feel painful while chewing and swallowing food. Baby will drool much, their mouth will be foul and may be get high fever. When you take you baby to the doctor, they will give many medication to treat viruses. Your baby will feel better for 4-5 days

II. Treatment

Here are 10 natural ways to help you on how to get rid of oral thrush in infants and adults. You may need to change your diet if your tongue appear oral thrush. Oral thrush is not a serious health problem but it make you life is chaos. Fortunately, oral thrush can be treated effective with many home remedies.

Home Remedies For Thrush: Simple and Effective

1. Fermented Vegetables

Fermented Vegetables can enhance the immune system and micro-flora in our body such as: pickles, kimchi and sauerkraut provide for you  body many pro-biotics and support to restore the bacteria balance in your body. Therefor, using fermented vegetables make your immune system better

2. Cultured Dairy

By adding using dairy as well as pro-biotic foods such as: probiotic yogurt and goat milk to daily diet, you can kill the candida in you body effective way and restore the bacteria balance.

3. Raw Garlic

Raw garlic is material powerful antifungal, antiviral and antibiotic. You only take one raw garlic in your daily diet to help you body prevent from infections

4.   Colloidal Silver

This alkaline and antiviral property  can help to strengthen to immune system. You should take 1-2 tbsp daily to prevent infections

5. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle supplements support to cleanse the liver from prescription medications including birth control pills antibiotics and steroids. Besides, it also helps our body to detoxify the pollution from environment, the remnants of chemotherapy, heavy metals and radiation. All off these factors can use a weakened immune system.

6. Vitamin C

You can use 1,000mg of vitamin C twice a day to provide and enhance the adrenal glands and immune system

7. Caprylic Acid

As caprylic acid works as natural yeast- battling agent, it is thought to be able to penetrate the cell candida yeast cell’s membranes and make them die off, speeding up the process of healing and detoxifying the digestive tract. A research in 2001 found that caprylic acid might reduce signs linked to fungal and viral infections.

8.  Clove Oil

One of the best applications of clove oil is the ability to fight against oral thrush. A research was conducted to check how clove oil fight against antiviral methods and other fungi. The result show that clove oil is effective way as nystatin which a medication is choose to treat oral thrush. A research in 2005 show that clove oil can fight against fungi. Mix 2-3 drops of clove oil and 1 tbsp of coconut oil, then swish it in the  mouth for at least 20 minutes. Finally brush you teeth

Moreover, you can mix severals drops clove oil with boiling water to drink and clean our mouth

9. Myrrh Oil

This oil can kill a large number of parasites and fungi, including oral thrush. A research show that a combination of natural components including sage, myrrh and chamomile and sodium fluoride containing in toothpaste exhibited antiviral and antifungal activity, reduced inflammation and stimulated the immune response. The herbal toothpaste can control the oral thrush effectively.

10.   Pau D’arco Tea  

You can drink Pau D’arco Tea to treat oral thrush. This has antifungal and it is natural kill the overgrowth candida in mouth. In order to Pau D’arco tea, you need to place 2 cups of bark into 4 cups of boiling water and then allow it to sit for 20 minutes. After that, you remove the heat and allow it to cool for more than an hour. Finally, you strain the water and then drink small portions of this tea throughout the day.

11. Baking Soda

If you find these above treatments ineffective, let’s opt for baking soda. The reason is it can help kill the fungal causing the infection of oral thrush.

According to the 2009 Brazilian Oral Research, it stated that about 5% sodium bicarbonate is highly effective for treating oral thrush triggered by Candida Albicans.

Baking also aids in balancing the level of acid level as well.

How to apply: 

  • Mix about 2 teaspoons of baking soda with some water to create a fine paste
  • Apply the paste to the affected areas using a cotton cloth
  • Leave it on for some minutes before rinsing it off with clean water
  • Reapply the treatment two or three times per day in a few weeks

12. Yogurt

Probiotic yogurt is believed to own an active type of lactobacilli that can serve well as one of the most natural cures for oral thrush.

  • Eat about 3 cups of yogurt for several weeks.
  • Alternatively,rub some yogurt inside your mouth using your figures and leave it over 10 minutes.  After that, wash it off with clean water. Do the treatment from one to twice per day for in several days.

13. Olive Leaf

Olive leaf is said to be among the strongest and most workable oral thrush treatments thanks to its strong anti-fungal properties. Also, the ingredient “oleuropein” works well as a powerful boost for the immune system.

  • Eat from 250 to 500 mg of extracted olive leaf for thrice per day
  • Or, you can make olive leaf tea by boiling some olive leaves steeped into water for 15 minutes. Later, sip 3 cups of the tea daily.
Home Remedies For Thrush: Simple and Effective
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