Have you ever broken your nose or seen any nose injuries? In daily life, the most common cause of nasal fracture is suddenly being hit which can happen in a vehicle accident, during sports or when you’re walking to the wall, being punched.

Is it easier to break a nose compared to a rib or a femur which definitely is bone? Regardless where these organs are, one question appears, Does your nose have a bone?  Let see and find out the answer in this article.

What Do You Know About Nose And Its Function?

Nose is the organ which sticks out of the face, it does not only contribute to the smelling and tasting function but also being in charge of the respiratory activities which is to inhale oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide.

Air is inhaled through your nostrils or mouth and quickly moves to your pharynx or throat, passes through larynx, trachea and then goes into the lungs. So is there any difference between breathing in through your nose and mouth?

The main difference is that your nose is more than a way which the air passes through. The nose has tiny hairs which protect internal organ from injuries, pollutants and filter dust. Moreover, the nose has the mucous membrane which is thick, and vascular can moisten and warm up the air.

Do you know your nose can smell tons of scents more than 1 trillion? When the scent goes through your nose, the brain can identify and acknowledge the existence as a result of the air passing over the olfactory system which can convey the smell to the brain.

Then, you can know what is happening around you not only by your eyes but also by your nose which let you sniff and identify the smelling. For example, you’ve experienced the stale smell so without looking smelling can warn you not to eat rotten food.

Can We Taste Without Smell?

There is some connection between taste and smell. In fact, how you can taste the flavor depending 80% of what you can sniff. So it’s is the reason why you caught a cold or flu you couldn’t enjoy your favorite food and it became tasteless.

Cold or flu make your nose becomes congested and snuffy caused by inflammation of the nose, production of mucus resulting in the diminishing sense of smell. Then you couldn’t involve both smell and taste. It decreases the flavor and the feeling that you want to eat. It is miserable, but luckily it won’t happen in a long time. You can smell again when you bounce back from flu.

However when loss of smell last long even when you get rid of cold, you should go to see a doctor.

Does Your Nose Have A Bone?

The nose is significant to us, isn’t it? Have you ever wondered yourself that does your nose have a bone or not? In fact, the nose has both bone and cartilage.

The 1/3 upper portion of the nose is paired nasal bone which is pyramid articulate with the frontal bone. Below, the external nose is supported by the cartilage which is durable, flexible and elastic tissue.

Bone and cartilage are connective tissues, but cartilage is not as hard as bone. There are three types of cartilage: hyaline cartilage, fibrocartilage, and elastic cartilage. Nasal cartilage is hyaline cartilage which helps to maintain nasal shape and elasticity.

Try to touch your nose, you will feel hard and immovable from the root of your nose which is the top of your nose, a suture in the surface where the nasal bones connect with the frontal bone to the 2/3 lower part which is flexible and less tough. The place where you feel the change is the connection between the bone and the cartilage.


Do You Have Nose Injuries?

Now you had the answer to the question Does your nose have a bone. Therefore when you crack your nose, it means that your nasal bone or cartilage is fractured. What is the thing that you can realize if you break your nose? There are some symptoms including:

  •        Highly unpleasant sensation, tenderness, feeling painful to touch the nose
  •        Malformed, twisted out of nasal shape caused by nose swelling
  •        Nosebleed
  •        Nasal contusion or bruising on your nose or nearby areas of your face
  •        Hard to breathe in and out through your nose because of a stuffy nose which is full of mucus
  •        A ‘snapping’ sound when you try to move your nose

What should you do if you think your nose is broken?

If you have a nasal fracture, depending on assessing how serious the situation is, whether you have to seek the medical intervention or not, you should try to stop bleeding and reduce the swelling until you see the doctor :

  •        Sitting down and leaning forward, pinching the soft parts of your nose with your hand firmly about 5 minutes, do not try to breathe through your nose.
  •        Make an ice pack and hold it on your nose for 10 minutes, then take it away for 10minutes. Do this procedure at least four times per day for next two days.

If it is too painful and unbearable, you can take an over-the-counter drug such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce the pain.

When DoYou Need To See A Doctor Right Away?

If you have these following symptoms, you will need help from medical staff immediately:

  •        Heavy and unstoppable nosebleed
  •        Shortness of breath
  •        Clear and colorless fluid drains from your nostrils. This symptom can be life-threatening because this fluid can be cerebrospinal fluid running from your brain and coming into your nose which results from an injured brain.

What Is Medical Treatment For The Nasal Fracture?

If your nasal bone and cartilage are not out of place meaning simple fracture, the doctor will give you medicine to treat your symptoms like pain or stuffy nose.

If the doctor diagnosis is that your nose is broken, doctors will probably wait until the swelling is reduced before putting your nasal bone in its right place.

If your broken nose is severe, you will need surgery and have to stay home for a week for healing.

When surgery is not needed, the doctor will have to fix your nose within 1 to 2 weeks after your accident. Before starting procedure, the doctor will give you medication, then open your nose to put medical instrument for repairing your nose go back to its normal by using a speculum which is a medical tool for examining body cavities.

Finally, they will insert packing and after that putting the splint if necessary. You also may need to take antibiotics to prevent infection.

Will Your Nose Not Change Over The Accident?

Normally, your nose will become well again. But if you don’t like the shape of your nose after its healing, you can have rhinoplasty to reconstruct your nose.

To avoid all of these problem relating to nasal fracture resulting from accident, you should be careful when you play sport and during the daily life activities. The more careful you are, the healthier and happier your life will be. Hope that this article will help you know more about our nose, does your nose have a bone? and provide you other information about the broken nose. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question.

Does Your Nose Have A Bone?
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