What is Back Pain?

There is a common perception that back pain only happens to the elder people. But the fact is, back pain is such a problem that can be happened at any stage of life. But it is true that, with the advancement of age, a person develops more possibility of back pain.

Back pain is a medical term used for representing the pain in the backbone and related area. Back pain is generally divided into three types- lower back pain, middle back pain and upper back pain. Among these three, lower back pain is the most common symptom. Many people suffer from lower back pain for a number of reasons which are discussed later in this article.

Upper Back Pain: Upper back pain is the pain on the upper regions of the spine and neck. This area is normally known as theCervical region. A person who is suffering from upper back pain may feel stiffness in the neck and muscle jam in the upper side of the back.

Lower Back Pain: Lower back pain is associated with the lower side of the back called Lumbar region, mainly the lower portion of spine and muscles related to that portion. A person suffering from lower back pain may find it tough to find a comfortable sitting or standing position.

Middle Back Pain: The name says it all. Middle back pain is the type of back pain associated with the middle portion of the back, above the Lumbar region and below the Cervical region. It is not as frequent as lower and upper back pain. The reason is, a person moves the middle portion of the back less frequently than the other two parts.

No matter which type of back pain you are facing, you are in danger. Besides of just causing a bit of discomfort, back pain can do a number of problems. Among those- bad posture, back injury, different diseases, back muscle and spin disorder are some. So, you see that you need to stay away from back pain.


Why Back Pain Happens?

To stay away from back pain, you need to know the reasons behind it. In this section, I’m going to discuss some common reasons which are responsible for back pain.

Before going to the reasons, we need to know that our back consists of a complex structure which contains spine, muscles, bones, spinal nerves, ligaments and so on. With all these parts, the back is a perfect structure. When any problem happens, this perfect structure gets ruined,and back pain happens.

  1. Sitting habit:Siting habit is one of the most common reasons behind back pain. A bad sitting habit mainly causes lower back pain. Our sitting posture or sitting duration has a great impact on our spine. A longsitting duration with a bad posture is highly connected to back pain. Even sitting in a good posture for a long time also causes back pain. So, if you are assigned to a task that needs you to sit for a long time, takes small intervals.
  2. Bad movement: Not only bad sittingposition but alsobad movement isresponsible for back pain. Bad movement like twisting, over-stretching, straining the neck forwardetc. are some examples of bad movement.

Pushing, pulling, carrying or lifting something beyond the capability is also counted as a bad movement.

  1. Sleeping habit: Back pain is also linked to the sleeping habit too. If you sleep in a bad position in which your spine doesn’t remain straight, you may have to face back problem within a few days. Using too soft or too hard bed mattress is also responsible for back pain. So, you need to use the perfect mattress to avoid back pain.
  2. Diseases: Some diseases are also responsible for back pain. These diseases are mainly associated with the spine, disks,and muscles. For example- Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, Facet joint dysfunction, Degenerative disc disease, Lumbar herniated disc,etc.are some diseases which are related to the disks. Spinal stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, spinal infection or tumor are some diseases related to the spine. These diseases also cause back pain.

So, when you feel back pain, there is no scope for delaying a meeting with a doctor. Because, if the pain happens because of any of these diseases,but you don’t consult a doctor, the later effect will be huge.

These are some common reasons behind back pain. There are some other reasons which are not that much common. All you need to do is to avoid the postures and actions which cause back pain.


How to Get Rid of It?

If you aren’t facing back pain till now, it’s okay. But if you are facing back pain, maybe you are searching for a way to get rid of the pain. Treating back pain is neither easy nor difficult. You need rest and patience to do it. There are mainly two types of treatment of back pain.

Home Treatment: You can treat your back pain bysitting at your home. If the main reason behind pain is posture problem, you can easily get rid of it through proper rest and exercises. You need to consult a doctor if you want to do so. There are some helping tools and machines too to help you. For example- you can use back stretching machine to perform proper and précised stretching.

Medical Treatment:Medical treatment of back pain needs a regular connection with medicines. In this case, you need to take medicines, physical therapies on a regular basis. Besides, depending on the situation, spine surgery might be necessary. This treatment is used when the pain becomes a regular problem. If the reason behind the back pain is spine and disk related diseases, medical treatment is a must in most of the cases.



Back pain is not that harmless as we see it. Continuous back pain may lead to some great diseases. So, whenever you face the pain, try to find out the reason and eliminate it as early as possible. If you can’t find out the reason, consult a doctor.

Back Pain: What, Why and How to Heal
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